Monday, January 21, 2008

TRIVIAL PURSUITS: While the group of ThingThrowers (joined with a pair of random strangers) that was at the Big Quiz Thing and dubbed "Strom's Lil' Bastards" did not prevail (nor even finish in the top 10)--due largely to a nasty round of "Songs About Drugs" and a difficult multi-point question involving the identification of heavy metal bands from album names (such as the classic "Killing Is My Business, and My Business Is Good")--a good time was had by all, and "Smart-Ass Points" were awarded to our response in the audio round of giving the title and artist of a reggae song as being "Bob Marley--the one about weed" (though I liked our response of "Led Zeppelin--the one they ripped off from a black guy" better). I don't know that I've ever been to a better run bar trivia night--I hope to keep going in the future, and other ThingThrowers are welcome to join in in the future.

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