Friday, January 25, 2008

HE'S NOT GAY ANYMORE! In my experience, the test of when a voting-based reality show has won me over is the moment when I am inspired to actually pick up a phone and vote. And thus I can report that as of last night, I am officially a maker of supermodels. That whole routine with Frankie the Deeplie Oogie announcing that Holly was too drunk during the sex shoot to model properly got me sufficiently incensed to go track down a phone and vote for Holly eight times. (I gave Aryn my other two statutorily mandated votes, partially because Jay is such a dud and partially -- ok, mainly -- because I am curious to see whether it will be Aryn or Ronnie that gets Ben to cheat on his wife first.)

In general, I vastly prefer the guys to the girls, although that may be attributable to the fact that after umpteen cycles of ANTM, I'm a little burned out on TV shows about girls trying to become models. And, you know, some of the guys are pretty hot, unlike the usual "let's find some really tall really thin girls with really weird features" routine. Perry and Casey are not exactly painful to watch. And Ronnie has skyrocketed since his makeover -- the blonde "young Elvis" hair is doing well by him. As for the girls, Jacki is a no brainer, and there's something about Holly that I like as well. My money is currently on a Perry / Jacki showdown, but it's still too soon to make a reliable call.

Things I dislike about the show? Mainly just two: the weekly measurements sessions and Niki Taylor.

So . . . who's watching Make Me a Supermodel?

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