Friday, May 30, 2008

AND CAT COJOCARU WANTS TO DIRECT: The Scripps-Howard site profiles your twelve finalists, a group including three 1st-timers, five 2nd-timers, two 3rd-timers (Shivashankar & Song), one 4th (Mishra) and one 5th (Thomas). Just how hardcore is Chicagoland finalist Rose Sloan?

Rose plays trumpet in her school’s concert and jazz bands, sings in both her school’s chorus and honors chorus, and plays jazz piano. Her performances extend to acting as well, and she has had roles in school productions of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Annie and Twelfth Night. Spelling isn't Rose's only competitive outlet: This year she competed on teams in the Illinois State Mathcounts Competition, the state robotics competition, and the National Middle School Science Bowl.
Dan Steinberg caught up with some of our favorites outside the kiss-and-cry suite, catching Z-Square hoarding juice boxes from the room ("They said feel free to take the snacks from the trays," he explained, "so I felt free to take the snacks from the trays") and trying to goad Matthew Evans into joining him for a trip to Air & Space this afternoon where, yes, To Fly! is still playing thirty years later.

ABC's coverage, as does ours, resumes at 8pm eastern.

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