Thursday, April 2, 2009

DR. GREENE, YOU COMING? I actually don't have a lot to say about the ER finale, oddly. I liked the little touches -- Carter teaching a medical student the exact same procedure Benton taught him in the pilot for inserting an IV line; a nap interrupted; Reese Benton coming back portrayed by the same young actor who started with the role in 1999; a small nod to the Benton/Corday thing; the touches of dark humor and broken penis jokes; Susan Lewis being Susan Lewis; a little basketball. And I imagine if I had watched the show during the last 5+ years, I'd have some understanding of what the Clooney-lite Stamos-Cardellini stuff was all about, or why Angela Bassett's so angry at everyone, or where Jerry's beard and Archie's competence came from.

No, I still don't buy the big surprise of the episode; it didn't fit with the character as we knew her, nor did she explain her actions in any way, and some of the meta stuff (any "it's time to let go" scene) was too heavy-handed, even for a season finale. Still, the show ended as it began -- a hospital organizing chaos as best it can, and as finales go, not a bad one at all.

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