Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PREVIOUSLY, ON ER: Yes, a lot of it was awesome, but we ought to talk about The Suck as well. So whether it was Dr. Dave Malucci, the Cleo-bot, one disaster too many or the helicopter that returned to claim Dr. Romano much like Captain Hook's crocodile, today's your day to remind us why despite all the praise we've given, most of us stopped watching the show at least five years ago. Or was the show just unsustainable given the amount of cast turnover over time?

[Speaking of The Suck, the San Jose Mercury News has printed the finale spoiler I mentioned on Facebook/Twitter last week. Do not click on this link if you want to experience this last Shocking Twist unspoiled, and do not discuss its contents in the Comments.]

Related: show praise from Sepinwall, Ellen Gray; Andy the Saint with 10 Memorable Episodes (though, seriously, Benton goes to Mississippi?)

[Previously, on our ER retrospective: the early years, noteworthy guest stars, romance in the ER, the Very Special Travels of ER, memorable character exits, what worked.]

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