Thursday, February 4, 2010

BOY, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: I love how this list of five players who had very bad Super Bowl weeks starts with rather benign incidents like Thurman Thomas losing his helmet in 1992 and Jeremy Stevens doing a little trash talking in 2006, but really takes a turn toward the ugly with Eugene Robinson's arrest for soliciting a prostitute the night before the 1999 game (on the same day he got an award for his morals and character) and Stanley Wilson's coke binge the night before the 1989 Super Bowl. At least no Super Bowl player has ever thrown a trident at someone leading up to the game.


  1. Adam C.1:57 AM

    Did they not remember Oakland center Barret Robbins, who went missing the week leading up to the Bucs-Raiders Super Bowl?  I think that poor guy should have merited one of the top three spots.

  2. Too sad, not funny.  Didn't he have a bipolar/depressive breakdown?