Wednesday, February 3, 2010

THEY MOVED THE WHOLE HOUSE: I don't know when or how this happened, but the dependably brilliant The House Next Door -- which I read obsessively for weeks at a time, then completely and utterly forget about, only to remember a month or so later that I've forgotten about it, repeat ad infinitum -- is now "the online blog of Slant Magazine." And Todd VanDerWerff (an occasional commenter here), who generates episodic television reviews as rich and insightful as anything you can find on the Internet, has moved his Lost column from THND over to the LA Times.

Maybe there isn't overlap in their coverage areas, but really, what unit of measurement would you pick to calculate the upgrade from Richard Rushfield to Todd VanDerWerff?


  1. Andrew3:28 PM

    Rushfield to Vanderwerff is about  .750 Sepinwallls 

  2. I hope they circled the House with ash.

  3. Carmichael Harold5:33 PM

    I have pretty much the same experience with THND that Isaac has (love it, forget about it, remember it, love it. . . ), though I do very much miss the constant presence of Matt Zoller Seitz, who is in the very top tier of my favorite critics of any sort.  Congrats to Todd Vanderff, who is excellent, and whose podcast (TV on the Internet) is the best TV podcast I've listened to (though I expect that the Sepinwall/Fienberg podcast will rival it). 

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