Wednesday, September 1, 2010

COME ON, GET UP NEW YORK! The NYT reports on the dawn of the 4:30am (and earlier) local morning news show. "Their viewers are apparently not just insomniacs; news executives say they hear from grateful late-shift workers, suburban commuters and parents of infants (and, yes, the occasional late-night club-hopper)."


  1. J. Bowman10:39 AM

    Not to mention students playing drinking games.

  2. Dan Suitor2:34 PM

    Yet again, How I Met Your Mother proves to be a harbinger of cultural developments to come.

  3. bella wilfer5:30 PM

    Hit reply to say "and fans of Robin Sparkles" and realized of course I'd been beaten to that general reference... Reason #1 million why I love this blog.

  4. Charles Carmicheal10:30 PM


  5. Beth M.1:07 PM

    During the blizzards last winter here in DC, the local news started coming on as early as 4:30 am and have stayed that way.  

  6. ren09011:51 PM

    Recently started this in Chicago on WGN and is a better snooze alarm (weather & traffic every ten mins, sports at 15 and 45, and if I hear Dean then I've overslept) than Andy Griffith reruns (sorry, Paw)...