Thursday, September 2, 2010

NOT QUITE ANDREW W.K.: This clip of the Mad Men cast and crew in the post-Emmy interview room being asked about their propensity to party has already made the rounds, but the more I watch it, the more I love it, especially little details like Bryan Batt swilling champagne in the background, Matthew Weiner not quite knowing how to answer, Jon Hamm assuming (effortlessly) control of the situation, and the delighted reactions from Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks to Kiernan Shipka's response, since I don't think they've ever shared a scene with Shipka (who's the only thing making the Betty plotline interesting right now).


  1. bristleasge9:30 AM

    That is great! 

    I know, though, that Hendricks at least has shared a scene with Shipka.  The first season, maybe, when Betty and the kids drop by SC and Shipka comments that Joan's got "big ones like my mom" and that she [Sally] will, too. 

    Which, come on.  No one has ever wondered if Betty's going to fall forward!

    I can't remember if Pegs drops by during that scene, though.  I think not.

  2. Bryan Batt!  And Hamm really puts the capper on that.  

    (You guys know that Andrew W.K. is the son of Jim Krier of the Dukeminier and Krier red property book, right?)  

  3. Andrew1:52 PM

    I did not know the relationship between the K in Andrew W.K. and the Krier of the property casebook. That is pretty awesome. 

    Did the blog ever discuss Andrew W.K. instrumental piano album and shows with string quartet?