Friday, September 3, 2010

LIVE, FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SOMEONE WHO CAN DO AN OBAMA IMPRESSION! Meet Jay Pharoah, one of four new SNL cast members. Fifty of his impressions in eight minutes here, but you'll want to hear his POTUS:



  1. Wow, he really has the voice down!  I hope this means the end of Fred Armisen's Obama impersonations. They are terrible!

  2. isaac_spaceman3:30 PM

    I have no love for Armisen's Obama, but with respect to Pharoah's Obama, I would like to remind the SNL writers that an impression (even an accurate one) and a joke are two different things.  The latter without the former isn't really any more interesting than a bad impression without a joke, which is what Armisen was doing.

    Also, as Ufford said, I hate the spelling of the kid's last name. 

  3. Agreed.  The substantive content of this video doesn't matter; it's up to the writers to take this voice and do interesting things with it.  Figure out what it is about Obama that you want to spoof.

  4. I am extremely disappointed in the comic community for not mining the deep vein of Mother-in-Law humor, henpecked husband humor, and idiot dad humor that would seem entirely fitting given that we have a man in the White House whose household is otherwise entirely female.

    It's the perfect set up for a "That's My Bush" style bit of sitcom parody. Forego worrying about political or racial angles, and just turn Obama into an "According to Jim" like figure, and watch the hilarity ensue...