Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PAGING SARAH VOWELL:  Acceding to local pressure, the Gettysburg Museum & Visitors Center will no longer sell bobblehead dolls with John Wilkes Booth brandishing the Derringer he used to kill Lincoln.

Said manufacturer Matt Powers, of BobbleHead, LLC, a veritable Nathan Thurm of the industry:
I don't think of this as painting John Wilkes Booth in either a glorifying or negative way. We make it for people that are into Civil War memorabilia. It's supposed to be a gag gift.... I don't think we'd do Hitler. I think it'd sell, but it would offend people. We've made probably over a million bobbleheads and this is the first time it ever happened. So why change course? We've done Osama bin Laden.


  1. Adam C.8:56 AM

    ...a veritable Nathan Thurm of the industry


  2. Second the Nathan Thurm reference.  And holy cow, what a quote.

  3. Fred App1:58 PM

    I had my SNL references confused. I mixed up Nathan Thurm with Irwin Maimway ( -- which also would have been appropriate, I think.

  4. Squid3:51 PM

    "Yes, Mrs. Lincoln -- but what did you think of the performance?"