Sunday, March 11, 2012

SIXTY-SEVEN LOSSES TO GO:  Our annual ESPN NCAA Men's Division I basketball bracket challenge group is now open.


  1. Joseph J, Finn8:09 PM

    It's kind of adorable that the NCAA still tries to call the play-in games the first round, doesn't it?

  2. Just your normal tournament where sixty of the sixty-eight teams get a bye.

  3. The Pathetic Earthling10:15 PM

     But not, alas, my Cal Bears.

  4. isaac_spaceman11:57 PM

    Boo, my beloved Huskies.  About six or nine missed Tony Wroten free throws shy of three more wins (including one against Marquette) and a probable fourth straight appearance.  I do not understand how Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten are mid-first round selections.  Ross needs work in all areas except deep shooting, and there he needs to work on his consistency.  Wroten needs to develop a jumper, to learn to stop throwing the ball away, and to shoot free throws better than Shaq.  Both of them need to learn how to play on the road.  There is a fine coach there in Seattle who wants to teach them those things.  Without my Huskies, I may just have to skip the tournament this year. 

  5. KarenNM1:10 AM

    Very proud of my NMSU Aggies for making the field by winning the WAC this weekend, AND they are coming to Portland!  Of course, New Mexico is also in Portland this week, so we'll see how many times people ask me if I'm a Lobo (boo). 

  6. Shayera5:50 PM

    Stupid Melo.