Thursday, March 15, 2012

SIXTY-THREE LOSSES TO GO:  Our annual ESPN NCAA Men's Division I basketball bracket challenge group remains open until the first tip-off today.

Those of us who've otherwise replaced in-season college basketball viewing with other pursuits could use some context for this year's tournament -- so, please, give us your predictions.  (To give you an idea of how out of it I've become, it wasn't until around Groundhog Day that I realized "Fab Melo" wasn't a nickname honoring the talents of a player from the same school as Carmelo Anthony, but in fact a guy named Fabricio de Melo.)


  1. Carmichael Harold9:27 AM

    I'm not going to be able to give any context to this year's tournament, as I think I know less about college bball this season than any season since I was 8.  In fact, I had never heard of Fab Melo until he trended on twitter earlier in the week.  I've taken the emotional hedge approach to my bracket, and just picked the school I like least in nearly every game after the first round.

  2. I've found my news feed very confusing this winter, trying to keep all of Melo (Fab) and 'Melo's (Carmelo) exploits straight. It always helped when there was a Linsanity reference to keep the 'Melo in context. It doesn't help that they both started at Syracuse. 

    I think I'm cursed by knowing too much about college bball. Every year, my company sponsors a pool to win gift cards (no gambling!), and every year, I end up at the bottom. The person who wins is someone who chose based on colors of uniforms, cuter team mascots or some other random thing. But I gave it my best shot this year and made choices based on actual basketball knowledge and tried to keep my heart out of it.

    As a Jayhawk, I thought it was very noble of me to "let" Mizzou get to the Final Four. Usually, I keep them at one game and out--hate! My Final Four? Kentucky, Ohio State, Mizzou & North Carolina. I love my Jayhawks, but I doubt they'll be able to string more than 2 or 3 victories in a row this year. They tend to have a brainfart game every 3rd or 4th game this year, and I don't see that trend ending in the next month.

  3. The Pathetic Earthling10:02 AM

    I don't even remember who I picked for my Final Four.  With Cal out in the play-off round, there won't be any emotion attached here, although I'm definiately rooting for St. Mary's, which is the next town over, and where Mrs. Earthling got her MBA.

  4. Benner10:51 AM

    I just learned that on March 15 at 10:46 am. I do feel very strongly that Drexel should have made the tourney, though. Nobody should listen to my sports opinions.

  5. If anyone wants to join a women's bracket tourney, my blog is sponsoring one:

    Winner wins a book on Title IX.  Entries open until tomorrow's first game.

    In regards to the men's tourney, I hate that I picked 2 #1 seeds for the final.  Makes for a boring March.

  6. Watts1:19 PM

    Fabricio de Melo - you make that with Midori, right?