Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WE'RE THE TIFFANY NETWORK, AND WE GOT IT GOING ON: CBS has renewed seemingly everything it airs, including The Good Wife, but 6 shows remain on the bubble there:

  • A Gifted Man--Especially since 3 of the principal cast members (though not, surprisingly, Patrick Wilson) already have pilots for next year, an almost certain goner.

  • CSI: NY/CSI: Miami--Will depend on drama development, though I'll be shocked if both survive, with the survivor getting a Friday slot (potentially split with Good Wife, which reruns poorly, skews inexplicably old, and hasn't delivered big in prime timeslots for CBS).

  • Rules of Engagement--Has already reached the magic number for syndication, but performs decently wherever it's stuck. Toss-up.

  • Rob--No one seems to particularly like it, but it's done OK out of Big Bang Theory. That said, CBS has a pretty robust comedy pilot slate, with Partners, Untitled Louis C.K. Project, and Super Fun Night all seeming like better fits with Big Bang than this. Expect it's a goner.

  • Unforgettable--It's not performed measurably better than Good Wife did and has been the weak link in a night that CBS otherwise utterly dominates (at least in overall viewers), courtesy of NCIS. Either it's gone or it's shunted off to another night, with the primo launch spot given to a bright star, male-skewing, CBS drama pilot. (The Dennis Quaid/Michael Chiklis one would seem a logical fit.)

No formal renewal of 60 Minutes, but you have to assume that's a done deal. With so much returning, it's going to be interesting to see how CBS plays--they've been known for bold scheduling moves with hits (Big Bang to Thursdays being the last big one), and I wouldn't be shocked to see the NCIS twins split up next year.


  1. Squid3:36 PM

    I'd say it was ironic that Unforgettable was being so quickly forgotten, but I've only ever been dimly aware of it in the first place.  Can't really forget what you never knew...

  2. Survivor, TAR are back. Please let next season be the last for HIMYM.<span> </span>

  3. Unless ratings go down hugely or key cast members want out (Segel and NPH are the obvious 2, though Smulders may also be in play depending on Avengers), I can't imagine we won't have several seasons more of HIMYM--this is its highest rated season to date, even if it's flagging creatively.

  4. Eric J.7:35 PM

    CBS: TV for people who still watch TV.

  5. Joseph J, Finn8:22 PM

    Interesting that 2 and a Half Men is still kind of on the bubble in terms of talks.  And by interesting, I mean PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE die.

  6. Heather k10:23 AM

    Earlier this week, I looked at the TV (probably Tivo suggesstions which indicate my tivo does not get me) and realized CSI:Miami was still on.  I honestly thought it was cancelled 3 or 4 years ago!