Friday, April 27, 2012

SO THEY JUMPED UP ON THE TABLE AND SHOUTED "ANARCHY":  Let me get this straight: if you sit down at the outside tables at Copa on South Street, order some food, and then someone in your party crosses the street and brings over a cheesesteak from Ishkabibble's (home of the Gremlin) -- and please take judicial notice of the facts that (a) Copa also offers cheesesteaks and (b) if you don't like Copa's cheesesteaks, Jim's across the street is where you should go -- and Copa then kicks you out for bringing in outside food, it's apparently completely legal to leave without paying for the $27 worth of food you ordered? 

(If you're NFL veteran Raheem Brock, apparently.)


  1. Duvall6:36 PM

    Is it standard operating procedure for restaurants to call the police on patrons that decline to pay for food orders they have cancelled?  It seems a bit excessive.

  2. Jordan6:44 PM

    Two things:

    Jim's clearly has the best steaks on South Street

    That last line should read (If you're 6'4" 275 lbs, apparently.)

  3. Agreed. They never should have been charged criminally. The order was canceled, and they didn't take the food. I'd sue for malicious prosecution.

  4. But that's what makes little sense: if a restaurant kicks people out, then haven't they effectively canceled your order for you?  You can't take away someone's ability to eat cake and have their money too.  Or something.  

  5. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Agree with Jordan...Jim's is the best,but to be fair, I have to go to Ishkabibble's and I'm kind of digging the name. NOTE to folks coming to Philly this summer -- note that Jim's and Ishkabibble's offer real cheese alternatives to "the Whiz". This is very important. Never accept that the Cheese Whiz is the only acceptable cheese. Thank you.

  6. Jim Bell10:36 AM

    Accept the Whiz.  I beg to differ.  Don't be like the gaggle of politicians who inevitably screw this up.  "Whit wit" is only whiz whit because it is right and good and noble and true.

  7. Jim Bell2:16 PM

    "Whit whit", I mean.

  8. Jim Bell2:17 PM

    Goddamned autocorrect.  I guess you'll all just have to guess what I mean.