Monday, April 23, 2012

WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LET ME LIVE?  Exactly three years ago today, we bemoaned beloved r&b singer-slash-folklorist Anoop Desai's ouster from American Idol, and we couldn't help but wonder:
Predict Desai's ultimate level of success -- or answer this question: three years from now, Anoop Desai will be ....
And as much as we appreciated such answers as "wildly popular teacher of 11th Grade English and American Studies and Choir at Phillips Exeter" (Daniel) and "an associate at Cravath" (Ella) as well as various a capella destinations, the correct answer seems to be closer to Bob's ("about 1,000,000 miles from the pop success that Ne-Yo has enjoyed") or Watchman's ("Who?").  Anoop is still plugging away, and has not given up on making a career in the industry.

It doesn't look like any of the non-finalists have made much of a career from that season -- not Hokey Gokey (a/k/a Robert Downey Jr Jr), neither Allison Iraheta nor Matt Giraud nor Megan Joy (caw! caw!), and Lil Rounds remains on the outside of the industry, looking in.  Man, that was a great season.


  1. I know, I know. You all rushed so quickly to comment that you all got stuck in the door simultaneously.

  2. Heh. I was trying to remember if Anoop was the same season as Didi Benami, but I think he was the season before her -- so Kara's first season as a judge -- and the season after David Cook, Clifford the Crunchy Muppet, and David Archuleta and his dead, dead eyes.

    Good luck to Anoop and the rest of the castoffs. They clearly need it. 

    Am I the only one around these parts watching Idol this season? I tried to resist but a friend kept texting me about Dave Matthews Jr. aka Phillip Phillips and I somehow got sucked in a few weeks ago. For the record, as a big fan of the real Dave Matthews, I don't mind Dave Matthews Jr. so much. This is surprising since he mimics DM in most ways when he performs, including: phrasing, footwork/crazy dancing, facial expressions, mannerisms, etc. Still, he's not half bad at it and I'll take faux-Dave over another generic/robotic ballad singer any day.

    As soon as faux-Dave gets the boot I'll probably stop watching. I despise Randy and Jennifer Lopez. They are useless. Steven Tyler is at least entertaining. I think Simon should have an after Idol show where he gives his critiques of the contestants (and maybe the judges, too). I bet it would get better ratings than Idol. 

  3. I'm watching, and I think the judges have been much better this season than they were last season. I think The Voice' fast start in the ratings shook them out of their slumber a bit and forced them to start giving actual criticism on occasion. Frankly, they've done a much better job of judging than the judges on The Voice, who continue to praise just about everything - Christina's diss on former Mousketeer mate Tony Lucca last week notwithstanding - while making puzzling decisions on who to save. I was liking The Voice better than Idol during the preliminary rounds of The Voice, but the judging and the talent has been much better on Idol ever since The Voice got past its swinging-chair episodes. 

    It will be interesting to see if Colton's exit makes this season into a cakewalk for Phillip, who I believe is the only remaining white male. I don't think he deserves to win, but I'll be surprised if anyone beats him now.

  4. Fred App8:11 AM

    I was going to comment sooner, but I couldn't remember the season in question. So I Googled it, and discovered that even though Danny Gokey hasn't had much of a recording career, he did just introduce his own line of eyewear. So he's got that going for him.

    I'm enjoying this season. I do think Randy is growing more useless (he's moved from delivering mindless cliches to delivering incomplete sentences: "So, like, dude, when I heard you were doing that song, I was like, 'Whaaaa?' and then you came out and I'm like, 'Whoooaaa.' It's crazy"). But I do like Phillip Squared,who strikes me as Idol's most original contestant since ... who was that guy from Anoop's season that y'all liked so much?