Sunday, April 22, 2012

WHO NEEDS A COMPUTER ANYWAY?  Oh, God bless the Internet: the complete 1989 Matt Groening-illustrated Student's Guide To Buying A Macintosh, which will evoke strong memories for readers of a certain age.


  1. Joseph J, Finn3:36 PM

    Ah, the good old days of Apple Garamond.  Such a beautiful font.

  2. Jordan8:22 PM

    So...they didn't used to come with a free iPod?

  3. Especially in the days before MS Word became 99% interoperable and standard, the question of whether to buy a Mac or a PC was a very difficult one for many incoming students, and what you were looking at majoring in could make a difference.  (Science folks were far more likely to want a PC, while humanities/journalism people wanted a Mac.)

    Of course, the biggest change?  When I started, there were three big computer labs (1 all-Mac, 1 all-PC, 1 mixed) that could be used by students who didn't have a computer to type.  They are now all gone, converted to normal classrooms, since basically every student has a laptop now.

  4. Eric J.12:35 AM

    If Matt Groening had only ever given us Life in Hell... Dayenu.

  5. Daniel Fienberg1:00 AM

    That exact Mac SE was my first computer.

    They were SO excited about "HyperCards." 

    I never had a clue how or why I'd want to use HyperCards.


  6. Duvall8:26 AM

    And it can all be yours with a loan of just $3500!