Monday, August 6, 2012

DESPITE APPEARING ON BROADWAY, HE STILL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HUGH JACKMAN: I'm still not convinced we needed another revival of Glengarry Glen Ross (we had a darn fine one in 2005), but the addition of John C. McGinley to the upcoming revival (also featuring Al Pacino as Levine and Bobby Cannavale as Roma) is certainly intriguing.


  1. Maret3:21 PM

    I just think it's awesome that Richard Schiff is in it. Team Toby.

  2. Benner5:19 PM

    I would love to see a revival where they have 7 actors (one for Roma, Moss, Aaronson, Levine, Williamson, Blake, and Lingk) and they draw lots to see who they'd play nightly.

  3. Eric J.8:59 PM

    Then the audience votes on who gave the best performance. First prize...

    BTW, I know some stagings add in the Alec Baldwin scene - is this one planning to?

  4. isaac_spaceman9:29 PM

    Cannivale should be awesome as Roma, maybe more like the part is written than Pacino.  I'm having a hard time seeing Pacino as Shelly Levine. 

  5. The last Broadway revival did not, and I think major productions do not, as Mamet wants to keep the text what it was.  The last revival was really good, with Liev Schrieber as Roma, Alan Alda as Levine, and Jeffrey Tambor as Aaranow.  I agree with Isaac that Pacino as Levine is an odd fit, since it's not (at all) a shouty part, but he's WAY too old to be playing Ricky Roma.

  6. I'm pretty psyched about Jeremy Shamos being in the cast.  He was excellent in Clybourne Park, and in everything else I've ever seen him in.