Wednesday, August 8, 2012

THIS IS CRAZY:  With the title of Song of the Summer being locked up for months in the biggest rout since 2003's "Crazy in Love," the folks at Vulture are willing to seek a runner-up SotS for 2012.


  1. bella wilfer5:14 PM

    Embarrassing confession: I love that "Whistle" song (despite realizing how ridiculously inappropriate/misogynistic the lyrics are).  

    How is the Gotye song not runner up song of the summer?  Or are we picking a SECOND runner up? Or does that song not count as "summer"?

  2. bill.5:32 PM

    I've heard none of these and none of the names sound familiar. *looks up Call Me Maybe because I have heard of that song* Holy hell, that's kidzbop horrible.

    MY top 3 for the summer.

    1. Dream Baby Dream, Neneh Cherry and The Thing
    2. Body of Work, The Mynabirds
    3. Nowhere is Home, Dexys

  3. It's pre-summer.

  4. bill.5:48 PM

    checking out the Vulture songs:

    Give Your Heart a Break -- the 10yo daughter would probably like this and it wouldn't cause me to cut off my ears.

    Whistle -- slightly catchy, I could handle it as background music someplace loud. Did nothing for my inability to whistle, so it fails as a tutorial.

    Sweet Life -- didn't quite work, though it does make me want to hear what else he's done.

    Wut -- I like this because the vocals are muddy and I can't understand anything he says (I think I heard "neo-nazi" and "nipple."). Can I get the instrumental so I can blast the bass and saxophone? That would be awesome.

    Continuous Thunder -- reminds me of REM, I'm bored.

  5. The Pathetic Earthling6:13 PM

    I have no memory of Beyonce's Crazy in Love.  None.  

    Given the Top 40 rotation at the club pool, I'd have to assume it's Katy Perry's "Part of Me"  

  6. Fred App8:02 PM

    I'm the least qualified person to vote on on Song of Summer, because my knowledge of current music is ... umm, limited. But I will say that the music that's been bouncing around my head this summer (or, at least, for the past two weeks of summer) is the score to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Frankly, I've become obsessed with it, especially the drum-driven piece that accompanied the rise of the Industrial Revolution, and the haunting, angelic piece that accompanied the torch runners. If your only exposure to the music was via NBC -- meaning you heard only snippets squeezed in between the inanities of Costa, Viera and Lauer -- I recommend you go to YouTube and check out the pure versions. And then tell me if you think I'm crazy.

  7. Maddy9:03 PM

    What about Tongue Tied by GROUPLOVE?  Or We Are Young by Fun?  Both are catchy, peppy, and just a little annoying (or super annoying, I guess, depending on your taste in music).

  8. We Are Young would be what I would say, unless it pre-dates summer too.  Otherwise, the Katy Perry's been everywhere and ties in with her movie.

  9. I would vote for Tongue Tied, although I don't know if it got quite wide enough release. Out of those songs, I go with Lovato. I was doing a lot of weekend driving and Maroon 5's "Payphone" seemed to be near the top of a lot of countdowns, but this is not an endorsement.

  10. 2005 is a fun summer to look back at, because even though Mariah was clearly the champ week-in and week-out, "Since You've Been Gone" was number two the entire time and probably has been played way more times and remembered far more fondly than "We Belong Together" since Labor Day '05 rolled around.

    This is a pretty good podcast on attempting to manufacture the Song of Summer, even when those efforts go very, very awry:

  11. Nancy6:20 AM

    Gotta be Payphone. I didn't click through though... is that even one of the choices? If not... bogus!

  12. victoria9:27 AM

    I definitely heard it incessantly in the spring, at the froyo place where I sometimes take the kiddo after ballet. (Why do I know this? Because the froyo place is pretty much the only place where I hear that kind of music.)

  13. Goghaway10:09 AM

    Frank Ocean and the new Passion Pit albums have been running on a loop in my car, but if I had to go with a song, it was another one Vulture recommended earlier on- Icona Pop's, "I Love It". SUPER catchy and fun, I don't know why they aren't as big as Robyn stateside.

  14. girard3112:13 PM

    Don't look now, but Cher lloyd's "Want U Back" is creeping up steadily on the outside...featuring what MTV News calls the "likable grunt".

  15. bella wilfer12:57 PM

    This song is awesome! How have I not heard it til now? And I love the "likable grunt."

  16. The Pathetic Earthling1:31 PM

    I went back to test this.  Pretty much every other song in the list (especially the really good ones like "Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette") I knew without listening to it.  This Beyonce song is utterly new to me.  Catchy, I guess.  

  17. Genevieve4:43 PM

    Sadly not available as a Pandora station, though Olympic Fanfare and Theme is.  I'm wondering what else I'd get if I made that a station.

  18. Jim Bell7:09 PM

    Rosalita.  This Summer and every Summer.  Especially the version from that night in England in the early 70s (I think).