Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BELIEVE?  Four games back, with twenty left to go and only two teams in between. Prospectus has inched the odds up to one percent, and I think I'm buying—even though the Cardinals still have nine games remaining with the Astros and Cubs.


  1. bristlesage10:04 AM

    We saw the Phillies play the Giants back on 7.20, when the Phillies were at the bottom of the division.  Fun to see them crawl back up, mainly because a bunch of the people here enjoy it so much. Still, as an A's fan, I've been having my own fun since the All-Star break.

  2. Adam C.11:05 AM

    The Astros are suddenly playing .500 baseball (for the month of September), and even though they still can't hit, they seem to have been pitching reasonably well of late. So I wouldn't dismiss those STL-HOU matchups so quickly.  The Cubs, well....

    Look, it's a long climb and the Phils have to maintain a pace of winning every competitive series and sweeping the easy ones. That said, the Pirates are reeling and the Dodgers have gotten basically zero bump in the standings since their big trades. The Cards aren't currently locking it down. WHY CAN'T US?

  3. The Pathetic Earthling3:10 PM

    If only the Cardinals had to face the HOUSTON BABIES, then you might have even more of a chance.

  4. Adam C.4:16 PM


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  6. littleredyarn8:25 AM

    I would feel a whole lot better if we were playing this way, say, back in June. But yeah, I'm still in and enjoying the ride.