Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WHERE'S "MY OPINIONATION?" I haven't watched Guys With Kids, nor am I likely to after the scathing reviews, but the cast, along with Executive Producer Jimmy Fallon gave a history of comedy theme songs in medley form on Late Night last night that is worth a few moments.


  1. Joseph Finn9:26 AM

    Why yes.  Yes, it was.  (And three very appealing actors positioning themselves, hopefully, for better roles.)

  2. isaac_spaceman11:01 AM

    No recognition at all that Saved by the Bell was, indirectly, responsible for Anthony Anderson's career?  They should have given him that one all by himself. 

  3. Joseph Finn11:16 AM

    I thought he was on Hang Time.  Was Saved by the Bell responsible for that show existing?

  4. While not expressly a spinoff, all TNBC programming has SBTB as its ultimate parent.