Sunday, September 23, 2012

WITHOUT RON SWANSON, YOUR AWARDS SHOW IS INVALID: We're not covering it live for the Emmys, but we need a thread where folks can express their joy or outrage over yet another Modern Family sweep in the making and other events of the night.


  1. Joseph Finn8:56 PM

    Julie Bown, Levitan?  Amazing Race?  Jon Cryer?  Besides Louis C.K. (and for a not-great episode) this has been a parade of fail so far.

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    The opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference. I don't hate you Emmys, I nothing you. This thread proves it.

    (paraphrased from Desperate Howsewive, I believe.)

    --ALOTT5MA (bd)

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    <span>The opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference. I don't hate you Emmys, I nothing you. This thread proves it.  
    (paraphrased from Desperate Housewives, I believe.)  
    --ALOTT5MA (bd)</span>

  4. List of Emmy statistics/records, including Mad Men's (0-17) and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' (career Emmys for acting in three different comedies) record nights.

  5. Really disappointed at the losses for Jon Hamm (again) and Giancarlo Esposito (who won't have a chance to win for playing Gus Fring again, while Aaron Paul continues as Jesse). 

    Otherwise, a meh night, although Emmy fashion-gazing is fun as always.

  6. KCosmo&#39;s neighbor11:36 AM

    to chime in on Sue's comment, what was with the color yellow? I saw 3 yellow gowns. The women looked great, but I cannot think of a color I wear less (or never). That was pretty much all I took away from the evening. And Matthew Perry's awkward moments on stage--he seemed so bitter (yet he still looks great).

  7. The comedy awards were really annoying.  I haven't seen Homeland yet, but it was nice to see something different winning, and by all accounts, this season was great.  (That said, I rather wish that I hadn't seen Claire Danes' acceptance speech.  Let's just say that I think that I learned something about the plot that, as someone who is planning on watching the series, I wish I had not learned.)

    Anyway, outside of drama, it kind of seemed like there were two ways of winning:  (1) having won before or (2) being a movie star slumming on TV.  [And even with drama, I think that there is reason to believe the supporting awards can be at least partly explained by one of those two things.]  For those of us who actually, you know, like good TV and appreciate some of the newer stuff out there, that's frustrating.

  8. I was spoiled before I started watching Homeland, and it's still extremely absorbing with the knowledge of where it's going.  That said, I do wonder to what extent Danes' statement might have been a spoiler for Season 2--Brody is deliberately a lot more complex than a pure hero/villain dichotomy.

  9. aimee_parrott@msn.com2:45 PM

    I was happy that Jeremy Davies won (although that award was presented at the Schmemmys last week), and highly amused that he showed up on the red carpet with Dickie Bennett hair.