Thursday, September 27, 2012

YOU THINK I HAVE TIME TO ASK A MAN WHY HE GIVING ME MONEY?  The parallelism's a bit explicit in The Wire's season four episode "Soft Eyes," (Guardian contains spoilers, so Goodman) as Sepinwall notes: Herc and Carcetti both turning to Valchek for help on how to deal with Mayor Royce's weaknesses; Bubs and Cutty's boss both seeking to expand to more territory; Namond and Clay Davis both happy to accept someone else's ill-gotten money; and both Marlo and Cutty taking an interest in Michael, whose stare and fists suggest a toughness which both might exploit. And, of course, it ends with an entire city's worth of characters watching, and then not watching, a mayoral debate in a campaign largely deemed over.  (Odd.)

Meanwhile, Cutty learns that there's nothing sexier than a man with a job, with Avon Barksdale's legacy surrounding him, and Cool Lester Smooth's pulling such a McNulty move that Rawls has to confirm to Burrell that it wasn't McNulty pulling it.

Returning this week: Cool Lester Smooth's brash tweedy impertinence, Bubs' drug addiction, and Wee-Bey's love of his fish.

Gone for the first time: Jimmy McNulty, are you off being happy and domestic?

Debuts: Sen. Clay Davis' marathon-length expression of exasperation. Golly!  Also, car thief Donut, to whom Isaac has suggested we pay attention.


  1. BTW, I'd just like to toss in that if the Wire accomplished nothing else, it gave Isiah Whitlock more exposure and I'm always happy when he shows up in something (like last week's Louie!)

  2. Tosy and Cosh10:45 AM

    His performance in Cedar Rapids was an unalloyed delight!

  3. Jim Bell11:26 AM

    I wish I could watch the wire, but something, somewhere prevents it.

  4. I was happy to see "Domestic Time with Rhonda and Cedric" especially their discussion of Cool Lester Smooth and his reading glasses.

    And I know it's not TV, it's HBO, but I still can't believe we saw what we saw when Royce got interrupted by Herc.

  5. You're *golly* right!