Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DOWNEASTER ALEXIS-NEXIS (NERD FISHERMAN):  31 Billy Joel Halloween costume ideas.


  1. That guy writes for Weekend Update! He's also in the UCB troupe Grandma's Ashes.

  2. Watts1:13 PM

    The oeuvre of Billy Joel provides a wealth of costume ideas:
    My Life as a Bosom Buddy (pairs costume)
    Just the Way She Is - Find a hot girl that doesn't make clever conversation

    Pressure - Duh. Barometer.
    An Innocent Man - OJ Simpson (works better before he finally did get convicted of something)
    Only the Good Die Young - Zombie Catholic schoolgirl
    It's Still Rock n Roll to Me - pink sidewinders and a bright orange pair of pants
    We Didn't Start the Fire - A good old fashioned print encyclopedia
    Keeping the Faith - Female: Red haired girl in Chevrolet. Male: Dancer who still looks tough
    Vienna - Can of Vienna sausages. Be sure to carry around a box of Saltines.

    And it's probably best to suspend this one for this Halloween, but next Halloween "New York State of Mind" - suit made out of New York Times and Daily News

  3. "My Life as a Bosom Buddy (pairs costume)"

    What, no Bottle of Red/Bottle of White?

  4. Big Shot: Halston Dress.

  5. The Pathetic Earthling4:41 AM

    You could probably do a pretty good group costume posse as the characters from "Piano Man" although to get across "making love to his tonic and gin" you need to be careful.

  6. I went with the Captain Jack costume: just stay home and masturbate.