Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'M TOO SEXY: A comprehensive guide to Sexy ______ (NOUN) Costumes.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling2:45 PM

    Oops. Thought there would be more than one page. Still. Sexy Ernie?

  2. Watts2:54 PM

    Sexy Librarian represent:

  3. Randy2:54 PM

    Sexy Walter White?

  4. Randy3:07 PM

    And then, of course, there's stupid sexy Flanders:

  5. The lack of "Sexy Lawyer" says something about our profession, doesn't it?

  6. Oh but sir:
    Sexy Defense Attorney:

    Sexy Lawyer Attorney: (Note the "Scale of Justice" motif on the collar, cuffs, and knickers.)

    Sexy Prosecutor: (pictured with Sexy Defense Attorney):

    I rest my case.

  7. Joseph Finn1:01 AM

    Those are all pretty much office workers outfits, aren't they?

  8. Jason Carlin2:11 AM

    Next year, I go as Sexy Apathy.

  9. isaac_spaceman11:29 AM

    A few weeks ago I was going to do a post about not-sexy costumes, like "Not Sexy Kitten" (cat costume) or "Not Necessarily Sexy Nurse" (scrubs) or "Not Necessarily Sexy Maid" (institutional housekeeper uniform), with links to the costumes. But then I got lazy.

  10. isaac_spaceman11:31 AM

    I'm pretty sure I just left a post, but I guess Disqus doesn't recognize me any more.

  11. Watts3:44 PM

    Not sexy librarian: Outdated sleevless maxi dress over turtleneck with Disney character embroidered on it, "cute" but sensible shoes, reading glasses on a chain, hair that hasn't seen a stylist in a decade. And no makeup at all. And a canvas totebag with at least one of the following on it: 1. name of professional association, 2. name of publisher, 3. name of database vendor.

  12. J. Bowman7:01 PM

    As a non-lawyer, I have to ask: What makes one a prosecutor and one a defense attorney?

  13. Watts7:02 PM

    As a non-lawyer myself, I'd like to know the answer. Learned members of the bar, care to weigh in?