Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UNLIKE THE SHOW, WE HAVE NOT YET SUCCUMBED TO WANDERING AROUND WITH CROSSBOWS: I don't have power yet at home, but do at the office, so it's time to talk about NBC's kind of bizarre spring schedule.
  • The Voice and Revolution will take an extended hiatus from January through the end of March--replaced on Monday with The Biggest Loser and a soap-y drama with Victor Garber.
  • Once Parenthood wraps for the year, its slot will be filled by Smash, with Betty White's Off Their Rockers filling between cycles of The Voice.
  • Thursday is in flux while Up All Night and 30 Rock finish their runs, but will ultimately settle in as Community/Parks and Rec/The Office/1600 Penn.
No changes to Wednesdays yet, though you have to assume Chicago Fire is probably not that long for this world.


  1. NBC has confirmed a February 5th return date for Community.


  2. I didn't realize Up All Night had a shortened season this year. Frankly, I've been disappointed in it so far after liking it a lot last year.

  3. Up All Night is the weirdest of all. Had a 13 episode single cam order. Is finishing shooting Episode 11. Will then take a long hiatus and do 5 more episodes as a multicam, so its order was actually expanded.

  4. Woah, wait. They're going to add a laughing audience to Up All Night? For serious?

  5. For serious. http://www.avclub.com/articles/in-a-bid-for-all-the-retooling-up-all-night-will-b,88060/