Thursday, November 1, 2012

ANIMAL DANCE!  Vulture speculates as to whether the Disney-Lucasfilm merger might finally secure the rights necessary for Muppet Babies to be released on DVD.


  1. I was pretty surprised how much of the video seemed so familiar. I knew that I remembered all the lyrics to the theme, but man...I think I watched every single episode.

  2. It's going to clear a number of the copyright roadblocks, but not nearly all of them, though it might be enough that it's financially feasible to release edited/substituted versions or a "best of" collection.

  3. Jordan11:42 AM

    I was born in 1985, and only had three channels until the 90's (FOX was a thing, I just don't think we watched it much). I couldn't remember the opening to Muppet Babies, but two seconds into the clip, I knew every lyric and every scene that would happen. Not that I'd buy it on DVD, but man, that was my childhood right there.