Monday, January 7, 2013

CHEF ETTORE BOIARDI WANTS TO KNOW AS WELL:  Commenter Jordan has a question for the ALOTT5MA Language Expansion Desk:
I just saw on Facebook that Huell Howser had died, and I had this weird feeling because, well, I didn't know he was a real person. I had assumed he was just some wacky character James Adomian had made up for Comedy Bang! Bang! Now I don't know how to describe how I feel; it's not premorse, although it has the same surprise that the person in question was living and regret that now they are not. Any suggestions?


  1. Adlai5:23 PM

    As a Southern Californian by birth, I knew he was all too real.

  2. No vocabulary suggestions but I too can attest he was real. He spoke at our Travel Show several times and was exactly like he was on TV. I was fortunate enough that one of his conditions for speaking at the show was that he go out to lunch with a few of us first to talk about what he should speak about, and he would always take us to one of the gems that he had discovered and people were so THRILLED to see him. He was welcomed like family and other restaurant patrons would come up and tell him they were eating there because of him. It was great. My favorite discovery that he introduced me to? The Los Angeles Police Academy Cafe: Read the About Us on that site. Totally random and awesome that they have a diner open to the public. R.I.P. Huell.

  3. Scott_DC5:50 PM

    You feel "sorraux." That's sorrow for the loss of what you thought was a faux person.

  4. Deanna Dykstra5:55 PM

    I'd suggest "fauxmorse" on this one.

  5. The Pathetic Earthling6:00 PM

    As a Californian, Huell Howser was one of those background characters like Sam Worthington (and his dog spot) or Pete Ellis Dodge 1095 West El Camino Real Sunnyvale (or, for you in the Southland, Pete Ellis Dodge Long Beach Freeway Firestone Exit Southgate) that were just ever present in the background.

    I sat down and watched an episode of California Gold the other day and was amazed that after years in the broadcast business just how bad his microphone skills were -- about one question of three, he'd pull the microphone back from the interviewee too early.

  6. Adlai6:27 PM

    Dammit, TPE. Now I have the Pete Ellis Dodge ad running on a loop in my head.

  7. Jordan7:17 PM

    I just watched a bunch of clips, and it's amazing how little Adomian has to do to put a comedic spin on it for CBB. He'd (the real Howser) go up to someone, shake their hand, ask their name, then walk away. Then walk back, shake his hand again, "I'm Huell Howser." [walks on leaves] "Wow! We're literally walking on a bed of leaves" [Sees dog eating an avocado] "Wow! You're dog is eating an avocado!" It's like he has no inner monologue.

  8. Adlai7:20 PM

    That reminds me, Perd Hapley has a twitter account.

  9. ME TOO!! I even commented on a friend's status last night, sarcastically thanking her for the podcast spoiler. It wasn't until an hour later that I realized, and confirmed via google, that Adomian was doing an impression, not an invented character. Mind blown.