Friday, January 11, 2013

I'M KNOWN FOR BEING BAD AT CHALLENGES, NOT GOOD AT CAMP LIFE, AND, YOU KNOW, A TRAITOR, AND POSSIBLY EVEN ANNOYING, SO I BRING NOTHING TO THE TABLE:  CBS has released a four-minute video unveiling the cast of Survivor 26: Fans vs. Favorites II, and it includes some beloved nerds and crazy-folk of seasons past, but especially from The Season With Ozzy & Coach and The One Boston Rob Won. Full list is here; February 13 debut.


  1. Hooray, we get to root for Malcolm again!

  2. bellawilfer2:37 PM

    Hooray! I'm rooting for Andrea and Brenda. And for Philip to be booted immediately. I do not need him on my TV again. Also: I hope this is finally a season where the fans aren't so starstruck by the "favorites" that they refuse to boot them quickly.