Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KRAKEN!  First-ever photo of a giant motherfucking squid in its natural environment, one kilometer below the surface of the north Pacific Ocean.


  1. Sophietje4:00 PM

    There are Colossal squids, too? (To my horror, Colossal squid have hooks on their tentacles, in addition to the teeth and suckers that the giant squid has.) I'm never swimming in the ocean again. OMG.

  2. If our environment had allowed for the invention of fire, we'd long ago have started farming you hairless apes and serving you breaded and deep-fried as an appetizer.

    Opposable thumbs? Big friggin' deal. We'd dye 'em bright colors and carry 'em around for good luck.

  3. Well. That doesn't creep me out at all, no sir. Noooooooo, sir. /hides under bed

  4. Does this make anyone else think of Watchmen?

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