Sunday, January 13, 2013

GET OUT OF OUR HEADS:  It's rare that a section of newspaper is as closely aligned with this blog as this morning's NYT Sunday Styles, featuring:


  1. Nope, Ms. Silver, you were right to bounce that guy on his butt.

  2. Adam B.5:49 PM

    The correct term is Isro. Also, they've been running the "OMG! Formal dating is over!" article for about 30 straight years.

  3. Does that mean next week they'll have a "Swing Dancing is Back!" article?

  4. Marsha1:59 PM

    I don't think the writer is a former Whiffenpoof, nor were they on the road - did you mean to link to a different article?

    Enjoyed all four pieces (especially the one on Mr. Lin-Baker) but found the Whiffs piece condescending. Why is it necessary for people to hate on a cappella and its practitioners? Is it the last permissible bias? Can't we all just get along?

  5. Saray3:00 PM

    Love you, Marsha.

  6. Marsha3:05 PM

    We gotta stick together, my 8-part-harmony-lovin'-friend.

  7. isaac_spaceman6:44 PM

    If you were at a place like Yale -- a place with only 5000 undergrads overrun by something like 20 a cappella groups, and a place at which the Whiffenpoofs actually believe themselves to be Very Important People on a par with athletes at SEC schools and behave accordingly, so that you are asked to be quiet in the dining hall when they waltz in to sing some dusty old standard or drop everything you're doing and pay attention while they muster in random places like outside your classroom or IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIBRARY to sway-snap-croon -- perhaps you'd understand why we cannot just all get along.
    But I didn't realize that most Whiffs nowadays are not practicing students. That's new over the last 20 years, I think.