Saturday, January 19, 2013

NEVER HIT AND RUN, ALWAYS RUN AND HIT:  Earl Weaver has died.  His days as a manager had pretty much wrapped up by the time I was old enough to follow baseball, but Earl Weaver Baseball is one of the first computer games that I can remember playing on my first PC, and damn if it didn't pave the way for pretty much every sports game since, and that's more than enough to warrant remembering him.


  1. And as a White Sox fan, I'm happy he avoided coaching the 1983 Orioles, the biggest collection of jerks and horrid human beings I've ever seen on one field.*

    *This may be colored by their knocking the White Sox out of the playoffs in 1983 when I was 10. The jerks.

  2. chuckie11:23 PM

    I grew up watching Weaver and went to a ton of games at Memorial stadium. He was a stats guy long before the people Michael Lewis credited even thought of it. Great fun to watch the O's in those days.

    Oh, and Joseph, I feel the same way about the Pittsburgh Pirates.