Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GOODNIGHT, PO-POS:  Aw, shucks. With "Took" (Sepinwall, AVClub, THND), The Wire continues to close a few doors and give more characters grace notes on our way out of their fictional Bal'mer, St. Sen. Clay Davis' reliance on Ah-Silly-Us, Pro-mee-thus Bound, and good old fashioned huckstering to get him out of trouble (as well as real life superlawyer Billy Murphy, whose victories include a multimillion dollar suit for carbon monoxide exposure on behalf of the workers at the Ruth's Chris where Bunny took Namond et al); Kima mirroring McNulty's frustration with Ikea, but showing that she's ready to be a fantastic "aunt," at a minimum.

As far as the McNulty silliness goes, yeah, I'm starting to appreciate the black comedy (and Bunk's glares) as this thing escalates way beyond his control, but mostly I'm waiting to see who gets called on the carpet first between him and Templeton, and just how much the fallout ends up punishing Freamon and Gus, respectively.

For completists, of course, this episode was a Tommy Westphall multiverse highlight: John Munch, who's based on the real-life Jay Landsman, walks into a bar with the real-life Jay Landsman, here playing Dennis Mello, and then in walks Gus Haynes, played by Clark Johnson, who of course also played Munch's partner Meldrick Lewis on "Homicide." Yippee.

Of course, what I'm really waiting for now is for Freamon to bring in Prezbo to solve the clock code, and for Quantico to figure out what's up with McNulty. Also, R.I.P., Savino: Maury Levy got you a short sentence (from the Kima shooting) for this?


  1. Marsha1:10 PM

    I really hope that somewhere on the DVD extras is a whole hour of Kima putting together Ikea furniture. I would happily watch that about once a week.

    While I agree with you that the McNulty fake serial killer stuff was more fun and more interesting this episode, I'm still finding it far too ridiculous to work well in a realistic show like this. It's horrifying and stupid and completely outside reality. And I hate that he dragged Lester into it, and I hate that it's made Bunk go sour on McNulty. Horrible.

    Yes, Prez needs to come back for the code. I really hope he does.

    Clay Davis was really in rare form this week (as was the actor who plays him). the whole scene was hooey, of course - no way he gets to just speechify from the stand like that - but I did enjoy Rhonda's reaction.

    Cedric ironing. I liked that.

  2. Adam B.4:12 PM

    Who calls him "Cedric"?

  3. Marsha4:14 PM

    Rhonda does, and she's the one who gets to watch him iron.

    And I would, if he were mine......

  4. Watts5:44 PM

    On his end (without the voice mod device) McNulty with a Balmer accent sounds like Nick Chinlund.

    Michael Lee is/would be older than my freshman students at UGA. He's about the age of a sophomore. Somehow that made his story so far that much sadder to me.

    I'm liking the development with Gus Haynes starting to smell a rat in his reporter.

    And my crush on Bunk does not lessen.

  5. Marsha12:02 PM

    You get Bunk, I get Cedric. Deal?