Thursday, January 31, 2013

NO, IT'S NOT UMA THURMAN DAY ON THE BLOG, BUT ... Really, we almost had a Pulp Fiction with Daniel Day-Lewis, William Hurt, Sean Penn, or Bruce Willis as Vincent Vega?  (Okay, I'd actually want to see the Hurt version.)


  1. Adam B.2:41 PM

    Two inches taller than Travolta, says Google.

  2. The rapper Too $hort is 3 inches shorter.

    (I meant that the article is too short....)

  3. Jordan3:40 PM

    Vincent: And you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with
    Cheese in Paris?

    Jules: They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?

    Vincent: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn't
    know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is.

    Jules: Then what do they call it?

    Vincent: They call it a Royale with cheese.

    Jules: A Royale with cheese. What do they call a Shamrock

    Vincent: Well, a Shamrock Shake's a Shamrock Shake, but it’s
    gone. Le drainage.

    Jules: Le drainage?

    Vincent: Here, if you have a Shamrock Shake, and I have a
    Shamrock Shake, and I have a straw. There it is, that’s a straw, you see? You
    watching? And my straw reaches across the room, and starts to drink your
    Shamrock Shake. I. Drink. Your. Shamrock Shake!


    Vincent: I drink it up!

    Jules: Ha ha ha ha. What do they call a Whopper?

    Vincent: I dunno, I didn't go into Burger King.