Friday, February 1, 2013

THE PRESIDENT HAS THIS DISEASE AND HAS BEEN LYING ABOUT IT, AND YOU GUYS ARE WORRIED THAT THE POLLING MIGHT MAKE US LOOK BAD? IT'S THE FALL THAT'S GONNA KILL YA: From the same people that brought you the Law and Order conviction rate database comes an effort to chart Jed Bartlet's first-term approval ratings and compare them to other Presidents.

Unrelated, but still fun: their efforts, before last night's episode, to reconcile Alec Baldwin's role on 30 Rock with the show's having "Kim Jong-Il" rip off his Glengarry Glen Ross speech.


  1. Jordan7:26 PM

    The easy answer would be, well, it's a famous play. But then I remembered that Mamet wrote that bit just for Baldwin in the film. So Baldwin must exist for the speech to exist. Scrubs had no problem reconciling this kind of thing:

  2. isaac_spaceman8:14 PM

    It's a fun exercise, but the answer is "30 Rock is not designed to be internally consistent."

  3. Duvall4:09 PM

    Star Wars and Friends exist in the 30 Rock universe despite Carrie Fisher and David Schwimmer showing up on the show. They just have a lot of people that look like actors.