Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NOT TRYING TO INDUCE PANIC OR ANYTHING, BUT.... Bats carrying the Ebola virus scare me even more than Monster Squid.... though not as much as Sharktopus.


  1. isaac_spaceman12:48 PM

    I may have just fainted a little. No more belfries for me.

  2. The Pathetic Earthling12:57 PM

    The good news, Mr. Spaceman, is that you don't have rabies....

  3. isaac_spaceman1:00 PM

    I can't hear you doctor, there's blood in my ears. And eyes, nose, fingernails, urethra, and rectum.

  4. Adam C.7:38 AM

    Exactly the news I needed to set up my pitch to Syfy Network for "Sharktobola." Logline: when Sharktopus waddles into a cave and eats Ebola-carrying bats, a sleepy beach town's chief of police, who is a former epidemiologist, must team up with her former CDC colleague to stop the creature before the viral plague rampages out of control. Lou Diamond Phillips and Jenny McCarthy are attached to star.