Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'M JUST A KID THAT'S FOUR, EACH DAY I GROW SOME MORE:  Ten reasons why Caillou sucks, plus Drew Magary's takedown of Max & Ruby.


  1. My 2-year-old niece calls me "Frinkle." It's because I am bald, and she therefore associates me with Mr. Hinkle.

    Stupid Caillou.

  2. Joseph Finn11:50 AM

    Sue me, I like the theme to Caillou. Then again, I have no children so am not forced to watch it ever.

  3. Jenn C12:11 PM

    Funny coincidence--my friend's 8yo recently asked what happened to Max and Ruby's parents, and before any of the grownups could answer, she concluded to herself "they were probably murdered."

  4. Thankfully my kids are older now.

    This was the version of the Max and Ruby theme that played in my head each time I heard it:

    Wax your Pubies! Pubies with Wax. Wax your Pubies! Pubies with Wax. Wax your Pubies. Pubies, and they're all pulled out with Wax. (Music) Wax your Pubies! (ba-dum-da!)

    And now it's yours as well. You're welcome. I'm a bad, bad person.

  5. Joseph Finn6:04 PM

    That kid is going places. Probably overseas to learn martial arts and then fight crime in the guise of a bat, but still going places.

  6. gretchen6:58 PM

    I have spent way too much time considering the deeper questions of Caillou -- where in Canada do they live? does Mommy work full time? how are his parents possibly that patient? -- but I have never worried, not even once, about why Caillou is bald. He's a drawing! Also, Caillou may be a whiny four year old, but he's not ill-tempered or smart-mouthed, unlike a zillion other of the kid show protagonists out there.

  7. Maggie8:42 PM

    My sister banned Calliou because her husband thought it was exacerbating their 2 1/2 year old's whinyness.

  8. Joan H.11:23 PM

    So nice to know I'm not alone in my complete detestation of Max and Ruby. Actually, Max struck me as a fairly normal 2- to 3-year old boy, while Ruby struck me as a complete control freak. The question of the parents was always the elephant in the room, so to speak. I knew things would be OK when my kids started complaining about how mean Ruby always is to Max. Fortunately I haven't had to endure any of this for several years, but it's kind of distressing to see people writing about this *now*, which must mean it's still on? Sheesh. I'll stick with Adventure Time, thanks.