Monday, February 18, 2013

JUST LIKE RIDING A WIRE FENCE:  LBJ's custom Haggar slacks. Jackson's giant wheel of cheese. The typo in the Lincoln Memorial from the carving of his second inaugural. John Tyler's living grandchildren. We have accumulated a lot of Presidential ephemera and trivia over the years; share your favorites.


  1. Joseph Finn11:46 AM

    That John Tyler is the only President to have been buried on (somewhat) foreign soil, having died in 1862 and buried in Virginia.

  2. I enjoy that any airplane on which the President flies automatically becomes Air Force One, and yet Air Force One is also a proper noun. Take that, Kripke!

  3. The show I'm currently working on sometimes ponies up a tidbit or two, but the stuff I picked up last season about how Washington and Lincoln's descendants were involved in the creation of Arlington Cemetery was by far the most interesting.