Thursday, August 29, 2013

AND THEN IT HAPPENED:  A brief essay from Pastor Steve Wiens reminds us that when you're traveling with small children, it's not a vacation—it's a trip:
A vacation is for sipping drinks at 10 a.m. and taking those obnoxious pictures of the lower half of your legs while looking out onto palm trees. A vacation is for getting massages and eating nachos and overusing phrases like "beer-thirty." A vacation is for pools and sun and servants, lots and lots of servants. 
Trips are just like that, except for everything....


  1. I read that as "it's a trap" at first, which says something about me, I suspect.

  2. Joseph Finn4:33 PM

    Coming from a family of 6 kids, I read it as trap as well.

  3. The Pathetic Earthling4:37 PM

    With five kids in our family -- other than going to Tahoe -- I only think we ever took one long car trip, in that case to Disneyland. My parents weren't dumb.

  4. Marsha5:11 PM

    Yes, this article resonated with me. Every year I travel with my kids in December and August when they are off from school. When I come back, everyone asks how my vacation was. I usually refrain from explaining that I need a vacation from my vacation.

  5. If this is the actual description of a vacation, then I haven't taken one of those in more than 10 years. My mom stopped allowing us to take family vacations when I was about 8 or 10 because my father was VERY against planning said vacations. Planning, to him, apparently included making hotel reservations. We slept in our rental car more than once, and since it was fine with my dad, he figured it was fine with everyone. My dad = Don Draper. ANYHOO, I would say any trip with your family is a trip, not a vacation, regardless of whether or not children are present. But maybe that says more about my relationship with my family than anything else.