Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LIVE FROM NEW YORK: Vulture has a list of folks they'd like to see host SNL this season.  I'll offer a few additions, and I'm betting you can as well.
  • Tom Hanks--Honestly, I'll be kind of shocked if he doesn't host the Christmas episode to promo Saving Mr. Banks, or maybe the season premiere to promote Captain Phillips.  (Though Will Ferrell may get Christmas to promo Anchorman 2.)
  • Chris Hemsworth--He seems like he has the right kind of winking humor to pull it off, and with Rush and Thor 2, he has projects to promote.
  • Chloe Grace Moretz--A younger host is always a risky move, but she could do it, I think.
  • Elizabeth Banks--You have to assume they'll want Lawrence for Catching Fire/American Hustle, but Banks has a romcom out in the Spring, and she seems like she could be a lot of fun.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio--Leo has never hosted SNL, which seems shocking to me.  It may be that he thinks he's too much of a Serious Actor to do a silly sketch show, but given how folks like Affleck and Timberlake have used SNL as a jumping off point, maybe he can be persuaded to bite.
  • Harrison Ford--Another one who's never done the show, and I can readily see it being a total trainwreck with him, but given that he's been very busy this year with movies, maybe they try and get him?  At a bare minimum, a cameo in the inevitable Ferrell-hosted Anchorman 2 promo episode would seem logical, since he's in the movie.
  • Bill Clinton--You have to assume the offer's been made and rejected numerous times, but man, that could be a spectacular get for Lorne, though I'm sure the script approval would be a nightmare.


  1. Adam B.11:01 AM

    Bill Clinton remains my favorite from the never-hosteds, Anna Kendrick would be a nice addition as well. Also, Clooney hasn't hosted since 1995.

    One other idea: I liked when they brought back Dana Carvey in 2011, and think that at least once a year they should bring back someone from at least 15 years ago to host. What about Jon Lovitz?

  2. Kendrick would be interesting, but she doesn't have a substantial project to push until Last Five Years, which looks to be a Spring 2014.

  3. Tosy and Cosh2:06 PM

    Can Mandy Patinkin host to push Homeland's return? Please?

  4. lisased3:31 PM


  5. lisased3:46 PM

    I think it's time for Matthew McConaughey to host again, and I second the request for Cumberbatch, maybe with Martin Freeman so they can promote Sherlock and the latest Hobbit movie.

    I like the idea of Mulligan, but they won't be able to pass up the chance to put Timberlake and Goodman on that show again. And if they bring Clooney on, the Monuments Men cast could do a few good cameos.

    I doubt they'll be able to pass up another chance to bring Wiig or Stiller back (for "Walter Mitty"), but I would like to see Patton Oswalt host.

  6. Eric J.3:47 PM

    Host and musical guest.

  7. Randy6:13 PM

    Simon Pegg. So great in The World's End, so great in Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus he's funny.

  8. They had 10 episodes last season before year-end. My assumption is that we'll see Hanks, Timberlake, Ferrell, and almost certainly a return visit from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to sell Don John in that bunch.

  9. The Pathetic Earthling10:49 AM

    I cannot remember the last time I watched SNL, but seems to me that Aaron Paul could be pretty awesome, bitch.