Wednesday, August 28, 2013

STAPLETON AIRPORT AND SPRAY PAINT LAWS? IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT?  I'm unimpressed by this year's Beloit Mindset List, so if you want to feel old consider this: Tori Amos turned 50 last week.


  1. andrewraff2:11 PM

    Are they padding out this list with things that are just dumber and dumber? "Captain Janeway has always taken the USS Voyager where no woman or man has ever gone before."

  2. Joseph Finn2:32 PM

    That sentence doesn't even make much sense. There's been, what, three movies since Voyager ended? And Enterprise?

  3. Marsha3:07 PM

    "Jerry Garcia has always been dead" actually sort of knocked me back.

    I think of 1995 as the dividing line between "normal people have never heard of the internet" and "normal people use the internet."

  4. Sophietje4:10 PM

    This reminds me that in '94 or so, I "discovered" that I could FTP to JPL and look at their pictures of the solar system, etc. I was so excited and told everyone about how awesome that was. Then a couple weeks later, a friend said "have you seen the internet?" At the time, FTP seemed so awesome that I couldn't comprehend there would be something even better around the corner.

  5. Gareth5:11 PM

    What made me feel old is Michael J Fox saying that in a Back to the Future remake, he would have to play Doc Brown.

  6. Adam B.5:40 PM

    For me, it was Gopher.

  7. Nigel from Cameroon10:31 AM

    And it's a hard 50

  8. isaac_spaceman5:50 PM

    He's way older than Christopher Lloyd was when the first one was made, isn't he?

  9. Gareth8:35 PM

    Five years older. I'm not sure how old Doc Brown is supposed to be, come to think of it.