Monday, August 26, 2013

WOULD YOU LIKE THE TABLE SIDE GUACAMOLE?:  Another fun twist in Walter White's ride along the historical arc of justice.  Comments and spoilers below.

(And I do have a question where I could use some help).


  1. The Pathetic Earthling4:05 PM

    What was it about that pack of cigarettes that made Jesse put the pieces together? Why did he still have that pack -- if it's the same pack -- months later. I'm missing something I know, but I don't see what made Jesse realize -- right then -- that Walt had poisoned Brock after all.

  2. Tosy and Cosh4:10 PM

    You will not be shocked to learn that Sepinwall and Zoller Seitz have each laid it all out. Here's Seitz's version:

    "While standing by the side of the road, Jesse reaches for his bag of
    weed and realizes it's gone, then realizes that somebody must have taken
    it, and that the somebody had to have been Huell, under orders from
    Saul, who chastised him back in the office. Then he takes out his
    cigarettes. As he stares at the pack, he remembers the time Huell
    frisked him in Saul's office, right before Brock was poisoned. This
    memory in turn prompts Jesse to realize that Walt poisoned Brock and
    lied about it."

  3. Randy6:13 PM

    And following up on Tosy and Cosh's comment, if you go back and watch the scene where Huell frisked Jesse at the end of season four, you see that Huell takes something out of Jesse's pocket and puts it into his own. Just like he does with the pot last night. From 4.12 "End Times":

  4. Randy6:22 PM

    I'm conflicted about this episode. I thought the first half was fantastic - and Walt's "confession" was absolutely epic - but I don't know if I'm fully on board with Jesse's epiphany. My problem with it isn't the logistics of Brock's poisoning in the first place, or even how Jesse put the pieces together. It's that there was no surprise AT ALL to how Jesse reacted. Of COURSE this is exactly what he would do if/when he found out that Walt poisoned Brock. I realize the show needed to come up with a way to finally, fully sever the Walt/Jesse bond (and maybe push Jesse into working with Hank? We'll see...), AND Breaking Bad has always been about how your actions will come back and haunt you. (If this had been The Sopranos, we'd likely have never heard of the poisoning again.)

    Don't get me wrong - I'm still COMPLETELY on board for the show's final episodes, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I just wish they had come up with a more interesting way for Jesse to react to the discovery about Brock.

  5. Not named Fred6:39 PM

    I get that the missing pot led him to realize Huell took the ricin "cigarette"...but how does that lead to knowing Walt poisoned Brock? Whether or not Walt had the ricin...Brock was poisoned by lily of the valley. (Of course WE know Walt did it because we saw the potted plant.)

  6. But the rich was still key to Walt's plan because it's what got Jesse to believe that Gus was behind the poisoning. This is a lot for Jesse to piece together, to be sure, but I think it was just him realizing what he really has known at least since Mike's trip to Belize.

  7. We know he doesn't burn down the house, right? What would be amazing is if his cell phone went off and we heard our favorite disenchanted voice say, "What are you doing, Jesse? Just go home."

  8. Nigel from Cameroon12:31 PM

    And because somewhere inside, Jessie always knew Walt poisoned Brock

  9. Sophietje1:53 PM

    Didn't he downright accuse Walt of stealing the cigarette somehow? And it wasn't until he found the "lost" cigarette that he actually believed Walt to be innocent? (I haven't seen the episodes in awhile, so I might be mis-remembering.)

    I imagine that Jesse has always had in swirling in his head that Mr. White was guilty, and as soon as he saw the missing piece (how Walt could get his hands on the cigarette), it clicked into place.

  10. bellawilfer1:58 PM

    I 100% agree. Walt's "confession" was jaw-droppingly amazing (and, man, gotta love the Internet for immediately bringing us the Hank & Marie watch Miley video), but I thought Jesse finally putting the pieces together felt a little convenient. I do agree, though, as people have said above, that Jesse kind of always knew and it wasn't til this episode that he was ready to face the truth.

    Also, I just want to crow about the fact that I binge-watched my way to "all caught up" and feel very proud of myself. :) This show is awesome.

  11. Tosy and Cosh2:20 PM

    One prediction I'm intrigued by (not mine) is that Walt Jr. is home and will interrupt Jesse. That's a conversation I would LOVE to see.

  12. Nigel from Cameroon3:18 PM

    Yes, he (Walt) did. In the robot vaccuum cleaner.

  13. I'm actually kind of horrified at the prospect, because I think Jesse would step in the pile that is misinterpreting CP for other things, like, quickly.

  14. The Pathetic Earthling3:44 PM

    My question was narrower -- and I think it's now answered -- but just why did he realize it *then*

  15. The Pathetic Earthling4:00 PM

    One final note: I get that Todd wants to blab in order to impress his Uncle the Nazi, but for all his blabbing, he was very careful not to mention the kid. Curious if that may yet come up as this all unwinds. I could imagine Vince Gilligan making the Nazi -- of all people -- as someone who causes the house of cards to finally come crashing down.

  16. I was definitely hanging on the edge of my seat wondering if he would get to the kid and then trail off, like...

    "And then there was this kid, and he....."


    "Nothing! The heist was over, we got away with it! Wow, look at the time, is that the check?"