Friday, November 8, 2013

LOOK AT THE MONSTROSITY THAT HAS RISEN BEFORE OUR EYES IN THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS AND WEEP:  It's safe to say that the WaPo's Thomas Boswell has concerns about the National Football League:
The NFL doesn’t have a PR problem. It has a reality problem. And it may be a grave one. Every month — and it seems every few days — the NFL is inundated by new, barely suspected revelations. What has the NFL become? Or is this what it has been for some time? Is the truth coming out of the shadows? 
The list is stunning. Its cumulative effect, not any one particular item, is the true confidence-shaking shock.


  1. This is well said. I'd add that the NFL is a billion-dollar incredibly profitable non profit that is one of the country's largest sources of (often self-imposed) public subsidies. Worse, those stadia are inactive 300+ days a year that suck life out of the areas they're placed too often. Crazy, crazy, crazy. And I love football.

  2. Tara Kennedy3:12 PM

    I read this and yeah, it's all true and taken together it's clear some serious changes are needed. Even separately, but especially together.