Friday, November 8, 2013

I'M NOT SURE THE ODDS ARE THIS IDEA'S FAVOR:  I quite liked The Hunger Games and am looking forward to its sequel, but I'm not quite sure how it would work as a theme park attraction, given its rather grim premise--maybe something where Katniss escorts you as you sneak out of District 12 to go hunting and then must evade troopers from The Capital?


  1. Adam C.11:08 AM

    As with Westworld or Jurassic Park, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. Benner11:18 AM

    From the times I've been to theme parks with my parents, after the first few hours, they'd have definitely thought about signing me up for some hunger games.

  3. Or maybe something like Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios, which could lead to some creepy "I Volunteer As Tribute!"

  4. Joseph Finn1:24 PM

    I presume a decent amount of it will be some sort of weapons training (especially bow). Toss in a beautiful gown/suit section, take some photos with a Stanley Tucci impersonator and bing-bang-boom, you're done and the kids are out the door.

  5. Jenn.3:27 PM

    It's a huge problem for The Hunger Games. The more that they are faithful to the books themselves, the less that it is marketable to people outside of core fans. But the more that they do to make it palatable to people outside of the core, the more they mess with the central vision of the books. As illustrated by the following conversation with my husband leaving the theater after the first movie:

    Husband: People read a book about this?!? It's so grim.
    Me: Three books. They read three books about this.
    [Aghast silence.]
    Me: The other two are grimmer.