Tuesday, November 5, 2013

THAT'S NOT A PIRATE. THAT'S SOME DUDE FROM ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE WHO GOT TOO DRUNK AT THE OFFICE HALLOWEEN PARTY WHILE DRESSED AS A PIRATE:  Mike Tanier on the some of the best, and worst team logos in professional sports history.


  1. Benner1:36 PM

    The '50s Red Sox logo -- is that Rhode Island? Counterclockwise Massachusetts? Oh God, it's an actual Red Sock.

    They missed one: I didn't realize the Flyers logo was a flying P until I was 13. I thought it was a ghost.

  2. Joseph Finn8:16 PM

    Man, sometimes I don't realize how lucky we are in Chicago. Every one of the logos is good if not great (when the current Sox script logo is maybe your least inspiring, something is going right, and even that one is pretty damn great in the context of the uniforms).