Sunday, November 3, 2013

STEP ONE: ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. That was an appropriately self-lacerating way for SNL to open this week, but it doesn't mean much unless Lorne Michaels actually hires new cast members who look like the America the show is trying to mock, even if it means going outside the traditional feeder schools.


  1. Randy2:08 PM

    At this point, when SNL does introduce a new black female cast member, can you imagine the pressure and scrutiny she'll be under?
    Having said that, I thought "How's He Doing?" was the key, brilliant sketch of last night's episode - it just offered a terrific, different take on events than the show almost always has the ability to offer, and I wish the show were in a position to offer that perspective more regularly. (And I love that it got a few TV critics' knickers in a twist, too.)

  2. All he needs to do is hire Sasheer Zamata. She's right in front of his nose, like at all times.

  3. Joseph Finn6:54 PM

    Also, they finally figured out another great impression of Jay Pharoah to do besides the President; that Shaq was weird, disturbing and perfect (I've been a huge fan of Keenan Thompson’s Charles Barkley so this was just right to go with it).

  4. Duvall7:22 PM

    Alternately, the sketch showed that SNL doesn't just need to improve its diversity in front of the camera, but in the writers' room as well.

  5. Adam B.8:07 PM

    It finally demonstrated a comedic take on the Obama administration (same one as from the first airing of that skit, but it's a good one). They've rarely gone beyond "here's a guy who looks and sounds like him" to "here is our reductive take on him which is funny."