Sunday, January 26, 2014

AN AWARDS SHOW WITHOUT AWARDS: They've already started handing out Grammys on the West Coast (almost none are presented on the broadcast proper), and winners are on the site.  Thus far, Idol alum Mandisa has picked up an award for Best Contemporary Christian album, and Stephen Colbert picked up another Grammy for Spoken Word.  We'll be in the Comments and on Twitter all night, and you can argue about whether or not Macklemore is rap to your heart's content.


  1. Adam B.11:55 PM

    I could watch three hours of just Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, and Stevie Wonder. And the Macklemore stuff moved me, no matter how much Madonna has entered her Lily von Schtupp phase.

  2. bill.8:36 AM

    I see Lorde won for Royals. The song, itself, doesn't do much for me, though I'm still blown away by Puddles the Clown ripping through it. Mesmerizing. Love the arrangement.