Friday, January 31, 2014

1. Winner/final score.
2. Official Game MVP.
3. Which advertiser tops the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter?
4. Bruno Mars/RHCP setlist predictions?
5. Will Renee Fleming's rendition of the National Anthem run longer than 2:25?
Tiebreaker: Pick a prop bet as listed on Football Outsiders. Get it right. The tougher the odds of winning your bet, the more credit you get.

Previous winners: 2006: Benner; 2007: me; 2008: Joseph J. Finn ; 2009: Scott; 2010:Scott again; 2011: GoldnI; 2012: Phil; 2013: Benner. As they will tell you, the prizes are Fame and Glory within this community, but nothing financial.

[My predictions: Denver 31-23, Manning, Budweiser, Treasure/Locked/Grenade/Higher Ground, shorter, under 27.5 Omahas.]


  1. Benner9:47 AM

    not excited about it this year - seems like an obligation to be excited about the game. dunno.

    1.) Broncos, I guess. 38-24
    2.) Peyton Manning
    3.) Budweiser.
    4.) GOD. Bruno Mars sings Treasure, RHCP does the guitar intro for Under the Bridge, then Give it Away, then close with Grenade. Google says these are all Bruno Mars songs for when I will watch MSNBC or something.
    5.) Under. Renee doesn't have to milk it.
    6.) I'm going yes shirtless on RHCP.

  2. Seattle 27-23, Sherman, Toyota, Treasure/Locked/Grenade/Higher Ground/Give it Away, under, Renee Fleming will wear gloves.

  3. sconstant11:01 AM

    Darn it. I saw RHCP and, not being really in the loop, thought you meant RHPS. Can we have a RHCP RHPS halftime?

  4. Jordan11:22 AM

    27-20 Broncos; Manning; Oikos Full House; Locked Out of Heaven/Gorilla/Treasure/Higher Ground (together)/Something from SA; let's say Snow/Give it Away; shorter; Peppers lose their shirts

  5. Isaac_Spaceman11:31 AM

    1. Seahawks/infinity to negative three

    2. Derrick Coleman, who will rush for 428 yards after Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, and Michael Robinson get pulled halfway through the first quarter so as not to run up the score.

    3. Beacon home plumbing. (google "beacon Marshawn lynch" if you don't know)

    4. Touch Me I'm Sick/Magic Man/Can't Hold Us

    5. No, because she's going to sing "Roll On Columbia" and "Louie Louie" instead.

  6. Isaac_Spaceman11:33 AM

    Why does it make me mad when people pick the Broncos? Why am I insulted when Denver's part of the traditional mayor's bet includes beer? WHY DO YOU THINK SEATTLE LACKS QUALITY BEER?

  7. Jordan11:41 AM

    I take it back. New MVP:

  8. Adam B.11:47 AM

    I think there's still room in #4 for Baby Got Back or Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.

  9. Joseph Finn11:48 AM

    1. Denver 27-24.
    2. Manning
    3. Cheerios
    4. Treasure/Give It Away/Just The Way You Are/Under The Bridge
    5. Under. As Benner said, great singers don't have to show off.
    6. Will there be a missed extra point after touchdown: Yes

  10. 1. Seattle, 24-20.
    2. Russell Wilson.
    3. Cheerios.
    4. Unexpected guest appearance by Janelle Monáe. Not a setlist prediction, but I get some credit if this comes true, right??
    5. Shorter. Please god, shorter.
    Tiebreaker: Player to score the first TD in the game? Russell Wilson, 14/1

  11. bristlesage1:54 PM

    1. Broncos, 31-27
    2. Peyton Manning
    3. Colbert for Pistachios

    4. Just the Way You Are, Locked Out of Heaven, Give It Away, Higher Ground with Stevie, who will stay onstage for Grenade.
    5. Shorter.

    I'll take the over on how many times we're going to see Archie.

  12. The Pathetic Earthling2:29 PM

    Denver 37-Seattle 28; Manning; Budweiser; [I know the names of no Bruno Mars songs, so "Higher Ground" as the finally]; Over.

    Seattle will score a safety before a FG or a TD.

  13. Seattle 28-25
    MVP: Doug Baldwin
    Bud Light
    Locked Out/Gorilla/Treasure into Love Rollercoaster/Give It Away
    I'll take the 8-1 odds on Bruno Mars wearing a toque.

  14. I need to contemplate, but frankly, I'll be shocked if the halftime set includes, much less is closed by, a song about shooting up heroin under a highway. (Even if it's one of RHCP's big songs.)

  15. Maggie4:18 PM

    1. Seattle 31-27
    2. Marshawn Lynch
    3. Sodastream (with ScarJo)
    4 Locked Out of Heaven/Treasure/Higher Ground (with Stevie Wonder)/Just the Way You Are (as a Pitch Perfect style mash up with something from RHCP and Stevie)
    5. Under
    Tiebreaker: Will the announcers say the word "Marijuana" during the game? I'm going with YES

  16. I guess I have to take my championship back!

    1. Seattle, 27-20
    2. Beast Mode
    3. Dannon Yogurt Full House reunion
    4. Treasure/Just the Way You Are/Grenade/Locked Out of Heaven all together/Give it Away/Higher Ground all together
    5. Longer

    Tiebreaker: They will not come right out and say "marijuana" on national television but there will be at least three veiled references to it.

  17. 1. 31-24 Denver.
    2. Manning.
    3. Budweiser (Full House for the exacta, Kia for the trifecta).
    4. Locked Out of Heaven/Grenade/Some Cover leading into a Give It Away medley/Higher Ground.
    5. Under.
    TB: Over ½ interceptions for Wilson.

  18. Andrew1:39 PM

    1. Denver 28-27

    2. Manning

    3. Toyota (can't go against the Muppets)

    4. Locked Out of Heaven / Treasure / Higher Ground>RHCP mini-medley / Grenade / Gorilla

    5. Under

    Tiebreaker: How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the game?
    Over/Under 2½


  19. 1) Denver 28-20
    2) Peyton Manning
    3) Anheuser-Busch (specifically, the dog/Clydesdales ad)
    4) Treasure/Grenade/Just The Way You Are/Stevie Wonder Cover with Stevie (likely Superstitious, though could be Signed, Sealed Delivered)/Higher Ground (with RHCP)
    5) Under
    6) The Gatorade(R) will be orange

  20. Jordan6:42 PM

    Are you a wizard?

  21. The Pathetic Earthling3:32 AM

    The only happy result of the entire game (although I always like when a Defensive guy wins MVP).