Sunday, January 26, 2014

MIND THE GAP: So, I've closed down our Doodle poll on cultural gaps after 140 responses, and the winner for biggest gap is Harry Potter, with 116/140 respondents having read at least one book.  George Orwell finished just behind, with 114 readers, again reminding me that I really ought to read 1984Catcher In The Rye finished third, with 112 readers. 

On the other end--seems ThingThrowers aren't much for trash--the only three that didn't get a majority of respondents having read were Sweet Valley High (58/140), Fifty Shades (27/140), and V.C. Andrews (43/140).

Unsurprisingly, we had no respondents who had read none of the options, but more surprisingly, only one (bellawifer) who admitted to having read all of them.

Suggestions for future Doodles are, of course, invited.


  1. D'Arcy9:03 PM

    Am I missing something? Wouldn't that make it the smallest gap if the largest number of respondents HAVE read it? Or do you mean it's a major gap in the respondents' cultural knowledge not to have read it, since the majority of respondents have?

    Forget it. I'm going back to writing report cards.

  2. It's the biggest gap for the people who haven't read it.

  3. Christy in Philly12:05 PM

    I don't have time to do a rough count on gender (based on respondents' names) but I wouldn't be surprised if the Sweet Valley High number WAS a majority of the ladies who responded.

  4. bellawilfer1:31 PM

    I love trash! I am proud to admit my shameful reading habits... ;)

  5. D'Arcy7:13 PM

    I'm usually right there with you on the trashy reads (my husband always says it verges on shameful that someone who reads as much as I do hasn't read much "classic" literature) but I absolutely refuse to read Fifty Shades. I have read a lot of Sweet Valley High and V.C. Andrews, though. And many, many Harlequin romances, Danielle Steele novels, etc.