Monday, January 27, 2014

JUKT MICRONICS IS HIRING, HOWEVER: Following up on my November 2011 post, the California Supreme Court has unanimously denied disgraced former journalist Stephen Glass admittance to the state bar. Among other things, "Glass's deceit also was motivated by professional ambition, betrayed a vicious, mean spirit and a complete lack of compassion for others, along with arrogance and prejudice against various ethnic groups. In all these respects, his misconduct bore directly on his character in matters that are critical to the practice of law."


  1. The Pathetic Earthling3:09 PM

    Will the California Bar (or any bar?) give you a pre-clearance so you can get this stuff squared up before you go to law school?

  2. Adam C.3:33 PM

    Wouldn't have helped in this case, TPE -- he was already in law school while he was working at TNR, if I read the opinion correctly.

  3. Karen Peters3:36 PM

    Can the lawyers in the room enlighten this non-lawyer as to what admittance to the bar includes? Clearly it's more than just passing the exam. Did this case receive more scrutiny than normal because of Glass' notoriety?

  4. Adam B.3:54 PM

    It's not that he's only been forthcoming recently (including to the NY and CA Bars); it's that his rehabilitative acts have been more self-serving and timed towards Bar admission than an organic admission of fault stemming from the initial offenses.

  5. Jordan3:56 PM

    But he's directly responsible for giving Hayden Christiensen's career its respectability back. That's gotta count for something, right?

  6. Marsha5:02 PM

    And the court found that he is still fudging his own record, saying that he'd been forthcoming when he hadn't, saying he'd offered things that others say he didn't, etc.

  7. For or against?

  8. Benner6:02 PM

    It's interesting to read the opinion how much Shattered Glass left out -- I had no idea he was making up racial slurs, and I guess they were "truthy" enough for TNR. And now I don't believe any of Tom Friedman's cab driver stories.

    Marty Peretz's comments about how he'd hire Glass and the bar was "stalking him" were shocking. And whatever one's views of Chuck Lane's politics, he's much more of a dweeb than the movie made him out to be. (And obviously Michael Kelly's death was tragic, but as a columnist, he morphed into a bully by that time, so hardly a hero, again, whatever one's views on the Iraq at the time.)

    I don't really care if Stephen Glass becomes a lawyer or not. Except for, you know, having spent the time to go to law school, maybe he's better off not being a lawyer, sunk costs and all.

  9. Adam B.6:31 PM

    What career?

  10. Jordan6:53 PM

    Fair play